For trade enquires please see the Trade Sales page or call 01962 771534

We can supply you with beer in a 10 litre/18 pint or 20 litre/36 pint bag-in-box or a 40 litre/72 pint steel cask. The Flower Pots Inn also sells our beer in 2 pint and 4 pint carry out plastic bottles.

Most of the beer we retail is “bright” - it is drawn from an undisturbed cask and does not contain any sediment. This means it does not need to settle before it can be served. In general, if you plan to drink the beer within a few days or are worried about settling it (leaving it undisturbed for 24 hours), then it is best to order bright beer.

Bright beers need to be prepared from casks that have not been moved for some time. As a result, if you require beer for Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday you should place your order by 4pm on Wednesday.

72 pint steel casks are usually supplied with sediment but can be prepared “bright” for an additional £9.60 charge.

A £60.00 deposit is required for each steel cask, refunded on return.

To discuss your requirements please email your order to or call us on 01962 771534.  Please include your phone number in your email so that we can contact you in person.

Allergen Advice: please note that all of our beers are produced from grain which contains gluten.

Flowerpots Bitter  3.8%    
10 litre box (approx. 18 pints) £36.50  
20 litre box (approx. 36 pints) £63.20    
Steel firkin (72 pints) £107.20 (Bright £116.80)

Goodens Gold  4.8%    
10 litre box (approx. 18 pints) £40.50    
20 litre box (approx. 36 pints) £71.20    
Steel firkin (72 pints) £123.20 (Bright £132.80)

All prices include VAT at 20%.

Please note: we have had to raise our prices in January 2018 to reflect increased costs.