For details on how to purchase our beers please see the Trade Sales or Retail Sales page.
Allergen advice: all our beers are brewed with cereals that contain gluten.

For the festive season our regular specials Four Candles and Pastures Old are available. See below for details.

Always available

Perridge Pale (3.6% ABV): A light straw colour, brewed with barley and wheat malts. A very refreshing beer with a good smack of citrus hops and a perfect clean finish. Hampshire Beer Of The Year 2015

Flowerpots Bitter (3.8% ABV): A dry, hoppy traditional bitter with a light bronze colour. Excellent on its own and particularly good with food. London and South East England Bitter of The Year 201X, Champion Beer of Britain Bronze Champion (Bitter Category) 2014

Goodens Gold (4.8% ABV): A classic beer in the modern 'Golden Ale' style, with a superb gold colour and fullness in the mouth, which come from the use of lightly caramelised malts.  Packed full of powerful but fruity North American hops giving good levels of bitterness and flavour to perfectly balance the gravity. Hampshire Beer Of The Year 2013, 2014. London and South East England Champion Golden Beer 2016/17

Regular Specials

In addition to the regular specials listed below we also brew “one-offs” Please call or email the brewery to find out which specials are currently available.

Hopton Pale (4.3% ABV): A modern style session IPA, with a real mouthful of fruity North American hops, a lingering bitter finish, and a superb gold/amber colour. Designed and first brewed by brewster Catherine Bate in June 2011.

Flowerpots IPA (6.0% ABV): Brewed with powerful North American Simcoe hops to give a strong fruity hop flavour which balances the weight of malt in a traditional 6% IPA - very full and rounded in the mouth. First brewed in 2009.

Stottidge Stout (4.5% ABV): A traditional stout with not too much bitterness or hop character, allowing the roasted barley flavour to come through. First brewed in 2007.

Cheriton Porter (4.2% ABV): Dark brown/black with a creamy coffee aroma, a hint of sweetness in the mouth along with roasted chocolate maltiness, and a dry finish.

Four Candles (3.5% ABV): Brewed every Christmas when it replaces Perridge Pale. Eagerly anticipated by our regulars. Amber, dry and refreshing; with lower alcohol for session drinkers.

Elder Ale (3.8% ABV): Brewed with freshly picked elderflowers from neighbouring fields. A dry beer, very light in colour, refreshing and fragrant. Brewed when the elderflowers are at their best.

Stormchaser (4.5% ABV): Amber, hoppy and fragrant. A dry beer for those who like strong hop flavour & aroma.

Allergen advice: all our beers are brewed with cereals that contain gluten.