Brewing began at The Flower Pots Brewery in its current form in 2006. It is a 10 brewers’ barrel plant and has been extended recently to allow for increased capacity. The brewery is owned by the owners of the Flower Pots Inn, Jo and Paul.

Three regular beers are brewed: Perridge Pale (3.6% ABV), Flowerpots Bitter (3.8% ABV) and Goodens Gold (4.8% ABV). At Christmas Perridge Pale is replaced by Four Candles (3.5% ABV)

As well as our regular three beers we usually have at least one “special” available. Some specials return regularly year after year while others are unique one-offs.

All our beers are real, living ales. Unlike many craft breweries we won't compromise and don't filter, carbonate or pasteurise any of our beers.  We don’t bottle, can or keg any of our beers, they all leave the brewery in casks or in bag-in-box polypins. Our beers are also available from the Flowerpots Inn, The Wheatsheaf and The Albion in two pint and four pint containers.

For more details of our beer range, allergen information and information about buying our beers direct from the brewery please see the Our Beers page, Trade Sales page or Retail Sales page